Dylan Thomas is a co-host, producer, and editor of Life on the Swingset: The Podcast and The Gentleperverts’ Social Club. Through these podcasts, social media, conferences and communities, he speaks candidly about non-monogamy, kink, and non-normative sexuality, and offers platforms for people to speak on gender identity, equal rights, and intersectionality. He strongly focuses on offering learning opportunities to men with the hope they become stronger allies and better people.

Dylan Thomas is available for for podcast consultation and production work. If you’re interested in:
• Starting a podcast
• Assistance editing and producing your existing podcast
• Cleaning noisy, hard to work with audio
• Other audio content creation, production, or editing needs.

Send him an email, or find him on any social media platform @DylanTheThomas.

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  • Review: DiGiT, by Hot Octopuss
    We are fans of our hands. It seems obvious, but our hands are the most versatile sex toys we have. With patience, care, imagination, and stamina they can do nearly anything any other part of our body can do, and almost anything a toy can do, …except vibrate at high speed. Over the years we’ve […]
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  • Music of the Swingset
    Desire 2019 Spotify Collaborative Playlists (I will continuously curate these and lock them down before Desire happens) Privacy Warning: If you contribute, your Spotify tag will display next to your addition. If you want to submit anonymously, drop me a line @DylanTheThomas on Twitter or @DylanTheThomas@Swingset.Social on Mastodon and let me know! Desire 2019 – […]
  • Dylan Live Tweets the White Bread Debates (10/4/2016)
    I wasn't going to live tweet this… but “the twitters” made me do it. [View the story “Dylan Live Tweets the White Bread Debates (10/4/2016)” on Storify]
  • Dylan Live Tweets the Debates (9/26/2016)
    I hosted a debate party last night. Some of the attendees of the debate party (and people who couldn't attend) lamented the fact that I wouldn't be live tweeting the debate so… I, being a service top, decided to give the people what they wanted. Below is a Storify I put together of last night […]

Last night @Tonia_swingset and I rode our bikes four miles to a place in Villa Park and for the first time since early March, enjoyed a meal together at a restaurant.

Outdoors and across the street at a picnic table, but it still counts.

Something that is frequently overlooked & misunderstood about nonviolent movements like those led by King & Gandhi is that they involved applying pressure through strategic economic disruption. It was never simply a matter of marching peacefully but also shutting things down. 2/2

I woke up this morning with a clarity I haven't had... god I don't know, in months. I've been swimming through daily feelings ranging from light fog to a swamp bog.

Things like "remembering what I said I'd do a few minutes ago" took varying amount of effort and I felt...

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