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  • Music of the Swingset
    Desire 2017 Spotify Collaborative Playlists (I will continuously curate these and lock them down before Desire happens) Privacy Warning: If you contribute, your Spotify tag will display next to your addition. If you want to submit anonymously, drop me a line @DylanTheThomas and include #ssdesire in your tweet! #SSDesire 17 – Classical By the Beach […]
  • Dylan Live Tweets the White Bread Debates (10/4/2016)
    I wasn’t going to live tweet this… but “the twitters” made me do it. [View the story “Dylan Live Tweets the White Bread Debates (10/4/2016)” on Storify]
  • Dylan Live Tweets the Debates (9/26/2016)
    I hosted a debate party last night. Some of the attendees of the debate party (and people who couldn’t attend) lamented the fact that I wouldn’t be live tweeting the debate so… I, being a service top, decided to give the people what they wanted. Below is a Storify I put together of last night […]
  • Taking Time Off
    I’ve been podcasting with Cooper and Ginger on Life on the Swingset for six full years. With Shira, Miko it’s been a little less. I’ve edited the audio for the podcast for more than five years, and we’ve gone from releasing whenever we wanted to every two weeks to every week, and while doing that […]
  • The World is a Frightening Place
    I am very lucky. I’m surrounded by amazing, fierce, articulate people who aren’t afraid to misbehave in the quest to fight for their own rights to exist as they are and as they choose. A majority of those people are women. It makes sense to me that the people most passionate about issues of equality, […]

Girls are pushed out of the classroom simply because of what they wear. Let’s make that stop.

https://t.co/SrhDqGAFgq… h/t @nwlc #DressCoded

We've talked about struggling with Disney's copyright monopoly and labor practices and what to do with Ender's Game despite Orson Scott Card...

But damn. @thelindsayellis knocks one out of the park with an analysis of the Hobbit series' production.

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